I approach ethnography as social, political, and creative practice, with a commitment to scholar activism and decolonized research. My longstanding body of research and activism has been in feminist political ecology and indigenous environmental justice.

I am currently on research leave in Taiwan.

Major Projects:

Diné Environmental Politics  Standing Rock/NoDAPL  Eastern North Carolina

Listen to me discuss my research on episodes of the Cultures of Energy and Moccasin Tracks podcasts.

Dana Powell (middle) with John Sherry, klara kelley, Marley Shebala, and Chris Jocks (left to right), at “ The peoples gathering,” Diné CARE, Dilkon, AZ, June 1, 2018.

Other Projects — In addition to primary work in the Navajo Nation, with related sites in other Native Nations, I have collaborated on site with anthropologists in Beijing, China and in Chiapas, Mexico on political ecology research and action projects.